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As what the name means, with our service we want to help your account reach new heights. We do constantly trying to evolve ourselves with better methods to provide to our customers. With our platform we help you to in getting a presence in Instagram while absolutely risk free on your side, with us you’re in safe hands.

No, we absolutely will never ask for your password for our service. You need not worry on this part, like we said your account is absolutely safe. If anyone ever ask you for your password, or try to pose as us asking for your credentials. Immediately block and change your password as the person might have ill intention of getting his/her hands on your account.

The only requirement for us to provide you the service is for you to set your account to public, no more is needed. Never trust anyone if they ask for your account credentials.

Never, not even close. Instagram will never penalize your account in any way which will leads you to a temporary ban or account suspension. It’s 100% safe on your side, we never had and never will have our customers getting banned because of using our service.

Each individual service has it’s own benefits and perks as well as tiers to them. Please refer to the respective pages at the menu bar above for pricing. All our service are subscription based, you can simply cancel at anytime no string attached and we’ll work the account till the date which your subscription ends.

After filling in all the required information needed, you’ll not be directed to the payment page. Please click on the cart icon on the top left of the menu bar to proceed with payment.

No, unfortunately our service does not work on private account as it is not possible with the new algorithm due to some circumstances and we’ve to adjust our business method to accommodate to be able to still provide our services.

For posting limits our usual package are all standardize, which is more than enough for a regular account. You do not want to spam your followers and in return to lose them because followers hate being constantly getting spammed.

However if you do wish to get do more than 4 post a day for automatic drip-feed likes it is possible, don’t hesitate to contact us because we could provide you with even higher limits than you can even imagine

All prices are in USD, we love that currency and will stick to that.


Frequently Asked

Automatic Powerlikes

Powerlikes are likes from big accounts ranging from 20K – 100K (Even sometimes over 200K) liking your content in which will reach their followers which will help boost your exposure of your content and outreach. Reaching a large spectrum of audiences would greatly help your content hitting explore pages as similar interest are align.

The automatic feature detects whenever a new content/post from your account goes lives and likes will be distributed and sent towards your content automatically without the need of you doing any notifications to us or make concurrent purchases.

We get asked this quite a few time, definitely NOT, we’ve our own pools of accounts that we made. They’re rotated accounts performing those likes towards our client’s account, which is why most of the time you’ll see different big accounts are liking your content when you’ve a subscription with us.

Basically powerlikes translates to obviously POWER, however having said that. Powerlikes aren’t everything, because “CONTENT” is king and even with the greatest power you’ve towards your content but your content isn’t great for viral potential, then there’s isn’t any point to it because we can get you easily to explore pages but your content might not perform well.

Hence, we recommend to purchase powerlikes if only you know what you’re doing or understanding that powerlikes MIGHT not work for you when purchased.

Viral can vary, because “Viral” isn’t the same to everyone. Having your content reach 10,000 or even 20,000 likes might not be seen as viral to a account with 1 Million followers. Hence when you see content engagement going abnormally higher than usual you’re quite likely gotten viral with that content. Viral the term is quite subjective in every individual perspective.

Some might ask how often will they go viral, the answer to it is “Depends” on your content. Hence there’s no guarantee that we can do to make it happen as we’ve no control over the content of your account.

Two ways that we suggest to inexperience users

  1. Use content that you see on your explore pages with high amount of engagement, those content are proven to be “Viral” potential and most likely to yield you best results. For good practices you can check the content engagement versus the account’s followers, if you see at least 50% or more it is a most likely good content to use. (Remember to always credit the original poster, it’ll save you from necessary problems.)
  2. Getting content from high amount of followers account, accounts that are above 500,000 as they usually already does the above work for you and re-post good quality content that will work to their niche/page.

Powerlikes are delivered COMPLETELD within 20mins of posting your content, no more than 20mins of posting time. If you do not received your powerlikes in that time frame please refer to the point below this question.

Sometimes we deliver lesser(Don’t worry, it will be kept to minimum) than stated on package as there might be a shortage of rotation accounts in your package account’s sizes to like your content. But we make it up for it by having larger accounts liking your content, we always hit the network size on the packages so fret not.

Post limits resets daily: 01:00AM GMT, please avoid posting 10mins before or after during the reset timing as it can disrupt or corrupt from detecting your post.

Powerlikes System Sleep Time: 05:00AM GMT – 09:00AM GMT, please refrain from posting any content during these hours as your post will not receive any likes during that period of time.

Please read below, in case of what happens when you don’t receive your likes or you post during this hours/timing.

If likes doesn’t come in within 20mins of posting hours or when you posted during the hours of the daily limit reset/system sleep time.

You should archive the post and try posting again in another hour, so that this will not count towards your daily limit. PLEASE NEVER TRY TO DELETE YOUR POST, as the system will detect you as trying to abuse our daily limit system in place.

However if you were to post during the hours of bot sleep or daily reset and you don’t get the likes, please archive the post as well. Do not attempt to try to delete your post. We advice you to post 30mins at least after bot sleep/daily resets.

NOTE: Our system resets itself 3 times a day which is not scheduled to prevent crashes and inconvenience all of our customers, if you posted something and likes doesn’t comes in within 20mins please do the above.



Frequently Asked

Guaranteed Growth Service.

Growth service is a targeted service specifically for helping our customers hit their expectations of growth that they desire, we use organic methods to achieve those results.

Guarantee that we provide: We’ll not stop and/or charge additionally within a month span as long as we’ve not hit the targeted results that customers has paid for, however this rarely occurs and we do not wish for it unless the niche given is specifically hard to accommodate.

We’re able to help any customers in any industry or account type, ranging from personal – business – online personalities or niche pages. We’ve worked with people under forbes 30 to big brands, however we do NOT have permission to share the following list of clients that has been with us.

Unfortunately, we’re not keen nor will be be able to provide to this specific niches such as adult, gambling, explicit contents, payday loan and CPA etc. Due to some restrictions and possibility of Instagram itself not allowing such content, please do contact us find out more if you’re unsure of.

We at IGEvolve aim to help our client both with growth and as well as business development. We’re vastly resourceful and knowledgeable in the field of Instagram marketing and internet marketing. The consultation involves in giving advises in launching campaigns, basic ads knowledge, business strategy, building multiple revenue streams, improvement in content quality and Instagram understand and more! (Worth thousands, but free for paying growth service clients.)

We LOVE to help our customers and what more to keep them as paying customers by adding more value, helping generate more income and be much more knowledgeable than to add “non-beneficial” hidden fees or some sort of underhand method to earn more.

Our lowest growth service starts at 700$/Monthly with a guarantee of 5,000 followers growth and 15% increase in engagements, we are able to guarantee up to 100,000+ followers growth in a month, the price are determine on the number of followers you’re intending to grow and the budget that we can play with to help you achieve the target you desire monthly.

Please contact us for a consultation call for more details.

If you require a customer solution such as locations, gender or followers locations. It is possible to increase the percentage of results but however do note such measures requires higher budget, it may not be the mentioned 700$/Monthly for a guarantee of 5,000 and 15% increase in engagements for an example twice as much USA followers.

Please contact us if you require a custom solution to your growth service.

We try as much to help you gained first-tier countries with the highest priority to the list from USA, as it’s impossible to specifically target 100% a country due to the limitations set by Instagram which only possible way to do so is by paying Ads which would cost significantly higher to achieve the target you desire and those followers might not even be engaging.

We want to help clients and perfect our crafts by only accepting clients time to time that we’re sure that we can help. We will not take in clients that we’re unsure of their goals/target, we have a waiting list in place to help bring clients from the very start to understand their goal and align ourselves with them to provide the best experience possible for our customers to achieve their goals.

On average there’s a 7-10 days waiting time to our waiting list as expand our list avability slots. We want to make sure all our clients are receiving the quality that we ensures and not decrease even the slightest.


Frequently Asked

Automatic Drip-feed Likes

As the name suggests likes are being sent towards your content whenever you post from real looking accounts giving that seemingly authenticity of your accounts engagement in which helps you boost recognition and taking the spots of “Top Post” in #hashtags.

The automatic feature detects whenever a new content/post from your account goes lives and likes will be distributed and sent towards your content automatically without the need of you doing any notifications to us or make concurrent purchases.

They’re from “Real” looking accounts that will be engaging and following with your account, they do not do any harm to your account. However if you’re worried about statistics then we’d suggest you OPT-OUT for followers to be added to your account, you can set zero followers to receive upon signing up.

For normal content you’ll receive likes as the service suggest, as for videos you’ll be only receiving views. Please take note of this before purchasing.

You should see likes coming in within the first 5-20 minutes after posting, for it to complete depends on the settings you’ve told us. Please note that the likes are delivered to your account one content at a time, please refrain and plan with interval of hours before posting another content. If you do not include your preference for wait interval, we’ll be setting it to 5 mins per drip-feed.

  1. You’ll gain credibility by maintaining a good percentage of Followers – Engagement.
  2. Your followers might increase more just by having good engagement, people like to follow the crowd.
  3. Depending on your package and what hashtags you want to be top in, it’s very likely you’ll get it.
  4. Buying likes and followers can be expensive everytime for every photo instead you’ll get all the likes for all your future photos for each month you stay subscribed!

We do not send followers to you yet when you’re on trial, this is to prevent potential abusers of the trial system that we’ve placed. However for package 5, 6, 7 and 8, there will be no trial and we’ll setup the drip-feed for followers and likes/views on the same day.

We deliver more in a case where the accounts that engaged with you gets unactivated, however this will not harm nor will de-credit your account in way. However the likes that we deliver more won’t be too far away from your initial input of per interval likes/views, it usually varies 0 to 30(Rarely).


Commonly Asked

Subscription & Technical Support

Click on “My Account” tab at the navigation bar and once logged in. You’ll find on that page you’ll see your subscription below, Click on View > Cancel Subscription. You’ll be able to resubscribe anytime you again by buying a new package. We’ll continue to work on your account until the expiry date!

Yes, definitely! You can buy different packages for different account (username), however you’re not allowed to buy multiple packages for the same username. Only one username can used to subscribed to one package.

No problem, you can either renew your subscription or create a new order on our website and once paid we’ll continue as how it used to be. Nothing will be changed and it’s as easy as it used to be able to sign up for our service.

Yes, you’re able to upgrade your plan anytime when you feel like it. Just let us know via the contact form in “Contact Us” page and we’ll calculate the days left and we’ll create a new order for you to make payment. When we’re done creating the order, just simply login using your registered account and make payment. Everything will proceed as normal and we’ll cancel your previous package for you!

If you want to or absolutely must change, please note that the time we spent to redirect the service to your new username will not be replenished. We strongly advice you to stick to a username that you’re sure, however if you must do so please be advised that do not post and allow us to let you know when we’ve directed to you on our side.

We have not have a single person banned for the reason of using our service, if you’re banned on Instagram while using our service. Please do email instagram and ask for justification why was your account banned. If it is because of us, we’ll refund you in full all the months you’ve stayed subscribed. We’re that confident to provide such guarantee.

If you’re on multiple services or botting while using our service we will NOT refund at all in this case.

Powerlikes we do NOT give any refund of any sorts as we stated, in which case of problem arises of not receiving likes for your powerlikes package we’ll be glad to help by reimbursing the time lost.

We do NOT guarantee your content will get viral, ranking or growth with our powerlikes services as we don’t have control over the content nor the health of the account coming from you, what we offers is a opportunity and power for your content hit explore pages to get viral.

We highly recommend experienced users of instagram only for purchasing and if you fully understand what powerlikes are for and know that we’re not accountable for your content not hitting explore page/viral.

We do not offer any refunds to you unless we’re unable to deliver what we’re saying, once purchased after trial has been ended for package 1, 2, 3, 4 and other packages without trial.

For any issues that you’ve faced such as not receiving likes or views, we’ll reimburse for all the lost time that you’ve faced. No refunds will be issue unless we deemed so that we’re unable to continue deliver, please contact support if you’re receiving any issues.

We’ll revoke your subscription if you were to chargeback or paypal dispute on us, we set the 3 day trials is for you to test if you like the service or not. Hence why we’re strict on this and allow people to upgrade from smaller packages as their packages are ending. We’ll not tolerate scams or dispute that does not concern us.

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