Instagram updates: Drip-feed Likes affected

Dear customers,

Since last week likes are delivering at a very unreliable speed, we aim to provide as slow and as realistic speed of the likes. But however the likes aren’t delivering as per normal due to the update that happened 1 week+ ago and till now instagram has been really unstable.

We would like to inform about the problem that arises and be completely transparent with our clients, in addition we’ll also reimburse all the days that this happened so you(our clients) do not need to worry about missing on the subscription which you’ve paid for.

All reimbursed days will be added to your subscription, meaning when you cancel the subscription the service will still run until the end. We’ll still continue with delivering likes as much as we can, until it gets more stable we’ll not count those affected days as part of the subscription. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

Automatic Drip-feed Updated

Dear Customers,

We’ve updated our drip-feed automatic likes and we’ve resumed our service for it and are ready to accept more new customers!

Note: All our current clients who experience the downtime will be reimbursed, the latest 4 post of the posted content will infact receive likes as well.


Updated on 11/8/2018


Best Regards,

Team of IGEvolve

Automatic Drip-feed Maintanience

Dear Customers,

Those of you who purchased the drip-feed automatic likes/views will be temporary down for maintenance for 3 days. It’s been a year since we’ve had any maintenance, we’ve to clear some server logs and also upgrading of the panel.

It should take us 3 days OR sooner. Please hold with us for awhile as we get it sorted out.

All lost time will be reimbursed to all customers who are currently subscribed!

Best Regards,

Founder of IGEvolve

Drip-feed Automatic Working Now!

Dear Customers,

Our drip-feed automatic likes are now working as per normal.

Do open a ticket if your followers has decrease during this period or during your subscription.

All time and followers lost will be reimbursed.

Best Regards,

Team of IGEvolve

Drip-feed Likes Down

Dear Customer,

Due to the update of Instagram, automatic drip-feed likes will be temporary down for a update fixes.

It’s been 2 days now and we realize it’ll take another 48-72 hours.

We’ll also reimburse all the time lost, do not worry.

Best Regards,

IGEvolve Team

IG Currently Down For Some

Dear Customer,

Currently IG is down for multiple countries along the US, Turkey and Asia region.

It’s higher unlikely that it’ll affect our powerlikes service but however in the case if you’re not able to receive any likes please archive before reposting.

Alternatively please read our FAQ page for more information.

[Current Update: 5:25PM (GMT-5) 13/Dec/17]

Introducing New Growth Service

Dear All Customers,

We’re currently launching our REVOLUTIONARY private growth service which achieve UP to 10,000 organically grown followers monthly.

With the use of viral and helping your account to hit explore pages and various other techniques towards your account to achieve insane growth!

Why is it different from your normal growth service:

  1. We do NOT need your account details to grow your account.
  2. Your account does NOT need to perform any actions, you’ll not see annoying feed content or numbers increasing on your profile.
  3. Expect great growth and engagement that comes with it.
  4. We do not use traditional methods like Follow/Unfollow/Liking or Engagement groups.
  5. Consultation, to help you achieve better than what you can get with our growth service.

Sounds interesting and very much of what you’re looking for ? – Click me to visit!

Best Regards,

Dickson – Founder of IGEvolve

P.S. This service will not come cheap.

4-Oct-17 Powerlikes Issue Fixed

Dear Customer,

We’ve resolved the issue with the likes not being delivered and also will reimbursed all customers with a day to their subscription for the downtime.

We hope you bear with us since the end of last month likes has been unstable and we’re doing our absolute best to stay alive.


Thank you for your understanding.


Best Regards,


4-Oct-2017 Problem with powerlikes

Dear Customer,

It seems that all of our customers are getting affected by powerlikes not being delivered.

Please do not make a new ticket or via our contact us page.


Let us resolve the issue and we’ll come out with a statement and also reimbursed with the days lost.

Best Regards,


Powerlikes FAQ

Dear Customers,

We’re cleaned doing a clean up today on the 10/1/2017 during from 2AM – 6AM EST for our system upgrade to make it more efficient and easier for you understand how and when to post for the powerlikes service.

Please do read our newly added FAQ for powerlikes in our FAQ page or alternatively you can click the link below: