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Package 7

$172.00 / month

Plan Features:

– 10,000 Real Looking Followers
– 1,100 – 1,250 Likes For All New Post
– Drip-feed & Customizable
– No Password Required

Instagram Username *

Input Your Instagram Username That Will Be Receiving Likes / Views

Set Amount Of Followers To Receive(Optional)

Input lesser amount if you think the package provides too much.

Drip-feed Followers Per Hour (Optional)

Drip-feed input examples “50 per hour”, “100 per 3 hour” , “50 per day”, “300 per day, 100 per 8 hours” (Minimum of 50 per interval.)

Drip-Feed Likes Per Interval(Optional)

If empty we’ll decide what’s best for you, however you can adjust how many likes you want to get per interval. (Minimum of 20 per interval.)

Drip-Feed Interval Minutes(Optional)

If empty we’ll decide what’s best for you. Using the above drip-feed amount, it’ll drip-feed that amount every interval that you’ve set here. (Please input in minutes)

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