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Automatic Likes Service Revamped

Dear customers,

We’ve revamped our pricing for our automatic likes/views service, we’ve introduced real likes ONLY as an additional add-on as well as reach & impressions. Meaning when you add this add-on all likes will be coming from REAL profiles worldwide.

Our impressions are spread out from different sources visits the post. (The percentage below can vary time to time).
– 100% as Impressions
– 20% as Profile Visits
– 60% as Discover
– 25% as Profile
– 10% as Home
– 10% as others

We intend to introduce “Instagram Stories Views” in the near future, so do look out for it.

For regular updates and status on like services, please join our telegram channel(CLICK TO JOIN) to receive daily / regular updates.

We’ve released our blog (By the time you see this post) which will be a hub to host all updates in the future, so please do bookmark it as we’ll be writing about instagram updates, news and every other details that’ll benefit you!

We’re going to be releasing our stats analytics, influencer list access and exciting research tool that will aid you in your instagram journey, there’ll be update on that on our blog as well!

Service Affected: Likes & Followers