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Service Affected: Likes & Followers

Dear customers,

Currently we’re facing issues with instagram recent update which happened 4 days ago and have been heavily impacted our service and every other service. We’ll increase our price during this ordeal and for future as things are going to be much harder from here on as we want to provide you a more stable and much quality of service, our drip-feed packages we will NOT be able to provide you with refill/recharge when your followers drop anymore due the current circumstances.

Also we’ll be reconsidering the drip-feed service into a much more higher limit than previously, as what we can see that it’s not possible to go as low as 20 likes per interval, it’ll be soon raised to 100/Interval for both followers/likes.

We thank you for using our service and wish that you continue doing so, we’ll upgrade our automatic likes/followers service soon introducing fun stuff to help your post to get more reach such as impressions, saves and reach. Please be patient with us during this period of transition.

We’ll post a statement and a revising of our plans at the end of this week. We hope you can cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe with the new pricing to have those benefits.

Best Regards,
Dickson – IGEvolve Team

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