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Instagram updates: Drip-feed Likes affected

Dear customers,

Since last week likes are delivering at a very unreliable speed, we aim to provide as slow and as realistic speed of the likes. But however the likes aren’t delivering as per normal due to the update that happened 1 week+ ago and till now instagram has been really unstable.


We would like to inform about the problem that arises and be completely transparent with our clients, in addition we’ll also reimburse all the days that this happened so you(our clients) do not need to worry about missing on the subscription which you’ve paid for.

All reimbursed days will be added to your subscription, meaning when you cancel the subscription the service will still run until the end. We’ll still continue with delivering likes as much as we can, until it gets more stable we’ll not count those affected days as part of the subscription. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

Service Affected: Likes & Followers
Automatic Drip-feed Updated